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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Stock both and you won\'t remember what they look like on the shelves.


In a futuristic world, gorgeous men are kept underground as "stock" for one primary purpose: serve the Masters above.

In Sentenced, Ross Vincent play a nasty wrangler whose job is to make sure the human livestock are kept in line. He hauls blond Casey Williams into a wooden cage that houses other prisoners Drew Damon, Rick matthews and David Bradley, and soon a foursome is initiated. There is lots of raw, animal passion as the fellas try out the new guy. Some terrific oral play and tasty rimming follow, and gorgeous, bid-dicked Damon's riveting fuck of Matthews is the highlight of the scene.

Prisoner Gregor Yelson is summoned by Master Tyler Hill to the above-world. he is bathed in an erotically-charged oral scene by studly Spike and adorable Karl Tenner, as Hill strokes away on the bed. After all four have exploded, Hill and Yelson have the most incredible, romantic sex, both of them versatile animals who probe each other with tongues, fingers and dicks. Yelson doesn't want to go back down below, but Hill sadly informs him o the rules: A Master can have a slave once, and once only. But Hill has an idea. He decides to throw a party.

The finale has Vincent "cleaning out" slaves Thom Barron and Chris Rock in a sensual enema scene. They are joined by another slave, Lorenzo Donado, with electric blue eyes and a big ole dick. There's a hot daisy chain as Donado fucks Barron while Barron nails Rock and then Vincent gets in on the fun. Afterwards, the boys are clean and it's time for the party.

We fade out on Vincent sleeping, eyes rapidly flickering beneath his dreaming lids.

Part Two, Released, opens with 14 men, Masters and slaves, in a beautiful white room. Vincent announces that it's time to begin. Immediately the slaves begin to devour each other, and soon an orgy has erupted in a mass of sweaty arms, legs, cocks and holes. Some highlights include sexy Spike's infatuation with uncut meat as he gobbles both Barron and Tenner. There's a brief yet arousing double anal of David Pierre by 10-inched Spike and cute Travis Wade. Vince Bandero's fucking of baby-faced Tenner is electric as well. The cumshots are amazing, shot from two different angles to give the full effect. Unfortunately, as with any orgy video, it becomes difficult to see who's zoomin' who and there isn't enough fucking. But LaRue knows how to shoot the oral stuff. There's not a soft dick anywhere once the men start slurping.

The orgy ends and Vincent has the slaves file out. The only problem? Some are missing. (However, the viewer never seen Yelson and Hill escape into the sunset: That would have been nice closure on that subplot.) Vincent start to freak out, but is chloroformed and blindfolded, and ends up in his own dungeon where Marcelo Reeves plays Master. Reeves humiliates Vincent before fucking and then fisting him. Vincent has a very receptive hole and is a good dirty talker.

Vincent awakens from his dream and is soon comforted by his boyfriend, the insatiable Kevin Miles. There are some hot shots in this scene as Miles tops Vincent, but not before they both suck on Miles' dick. The pounding Miles gives is mesmerizing.

After the lovin', Vincent falls into a slumber and his dream begins all over again, proving that there's a Master and slave in all of us.

The men are flewless, the direction exciting and the videography stunning, especially in the oral bath scene en Sentenced.

Where to begin with the pre-noms? Best All-Sex Video—Gay Video, Best Sex Scene for the Hill/Yelson pairing, Best Direction, Best Videography, Best Editing, Best Group Scene —well, take your pick: the orgy, the bath, the opening fuck. Any of those could walk away with an award.

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