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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Director Chi Chi LaRue was faced with a dilemma: How would she top last year's smash Link 2, and incredible video that is filled with every imaginable sex act? Well, she succeeds with this third installment of her Link series, featuring 34 of the hottest, hunkiest sex-starved pigs working in video today. By throwing them in an array of exhausting sexual situations, LaRue once again proves that she is, indisputably, one of the best directors around.

The video runs a little shy of three hours and fits on two tapes. Crammed with seven huge wall-to-wall sex scenes, with barely a moment for the viewer to breathe (let alone sop themselves up), it is unthinkable that any moment could be cut, something LaRue agonized over —here's hoping a Director's Cut is in the works.

After seven minutes of pulse-pounding credits, the first scene begins. Featuring Austin Masters, Clint Cooper, Jack Simmons and Jason Ryder in policeman uniforms, it starts with as much filthy talk as these guys can muster. A circle jerk ensues, with each guy taking turns slurping his buddies down, creating a draining oral scene that is deserving of a pre-nom. With lots of spitting and sucking, it's doubtful that anyone will even make it past this scene without needing a break.

Cut to a fantastic group scene also worthy of a pre-nom. In a jail house, cop Cooper brings in sexy Marcus Iron and handcuffs him to a bench. In the cells are Spike, Tanner Hayes and Erik Martins (the latter two sporting big, bouncing, uncut boners). Cooper eventually lets Iron go and they take turns sucking the others through the bars —Cooper and Iron have a kinetic chemistry, swapping spit and engulfing each other's tools with abandon. Ultimately, Jared enters and an all=out mini-orgy ensues, beginning with Jay ramming a nightstick up Spike's ass and ending with Spike getting his revenge by plunging his 10-inch cock deep into the cop's bowels.

Next in an amazing butt play sequence. Fisting aficionados will salivate. The finale of the first tape has Wright slipping on a thing-high latex stocking that Jay and his ever-expanding asshole promptly squats on. Describing it can't do it justice.

Tape two opens with another explosive orgy, featuring Kevin Miles, Thomas Lloyd (both looking better than ever), Zach Richards, David Bradley, Brad Davis, Luke Savage (sporting the hardest boner he's ever had), Billy Boyd and hunky Jason Branch. They start out with the standard suck-rim-fuck, but then it gets kinky. Branch and Lloyd administer beer enemas to Richards and Boyd, the boys freely spewing the non-alcoholic booze out of their sphincters. It's wet and gooey and a treat for any enema enthusiast.

Fans of watersports, get ready: Branch, Ryder, Marc Hamilton and Alex Wilcox engage in some urinary fun. That's basically the entire brief j.o. scene, lots of splashing urine. These guys took a sip of the ocean and let it all go here. Watching the blue jeans-clad studs wet their jeans (or their jocks) and following the spread of the stain is hypnotic.

Final scene is a doozy —another that deserves a pre-nom. It starts with two men in shadow (Iron and Miles) when, one-by-one or two-by-two, more men enlist. There is not an ass or a dick that goes untasted as 16 incredible men get down and dirty. LaRue handles they orgy like a chef, adding different mixes and spices to get the kettle brewing, and the result is a heated recipe that sizzles. Highlights include a four-man fuck-chain with Spike, Harper, Iron and Miles; Simmons finally giving up his gorgeous black ass to Harper for his first bottoming on screen; adorable Hayes getting his tiny ass pounded to mince-meat by Spike's driving tool; and newcomer Victor Mariano begging practically everybody to fuck him. It's an explosive climax to an incredible video. The only qualm is that LaRue doesn't concentrate as much on the fucking as she does the oral play. She captures some breathtaking fucks, some far too brief.

And there's still a shitload more that can't even fit into this space.

Pre-noms across the board: Best Gay Video, LaRue's direction, Best All-Sex Video, art direction, editing, videography and Thomas Lloyd's hyperkinetic music.

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