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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Top-quality production in a box familiar to fans, this sells itself; stock heartily.


Poor Tommy Lord. Besides being too cute for his own good, he finds himself stuck with a "sex phone," a souvenir from a romp with the mysterious Aaron Parker after a balcony cruising. When the phone rings, instructions for a sex-capade await the answer man. And greedy Lord can't seem to get rid of this new toy. Why should he? He's probably hoping for another encounter with Parker: their opening scene sets the pace, continuing the high standard already set for this series.

Director Chi Chi LaRue is in typical form, keeping the camera perfectly aligned in every frame, from top to bottom. It captures Parker's face as he fucks Lord's mouth, then lets viewers enjoy Parker's hard, bobbing dick when it's released. Parker returns the favor, spit dripping as Lord bats his hard-on on Parker's chest. And this is just 15 minutes in, folks. LaRue never lets up - from the ensuing fuck through the next three scenes.

Lord's first "assignment" finds him spying on a bound David Pierre, who gloriously takes the torture from Eli Horst. But it's the ensuing four-man shower orgy that rivals the opening scene: deciding whose hard dick to look at as they exchange blowjobs is a challenging task. Rob Kirk, Lark Larson, Parker Williams and Matt Fuller are all up - way up - for it. The scene concludes with some amazing penetration shots. Like foursomes? Good, because Lance Gear's birthday bash is cause for another one, as he joins Peter Raeg and Jack Ryan in plowing Lord. Watching Lord's facial expressions as Gear sucks him off is priceless, and listening to him demand that Gear "fuck my ass like I'm fucking your mouth" has us convinced he deserves a Best Actor pre-nom.

This is the latest video in All Worlds' Seven Deadly Sins series. The sin is envy and the video was written and directed by Dan Cross, who's known for his affinity to twinks. Paul Carrigan plays an older man who's consumed with envy over younger, better-looking boys. The video begins in a bathhouse where Carrigan ventures from room to room checking out the action. He watches as men j.o., pair off and get hung up in slings. He continues to drift through the rooms and finally finds a young playmate. They exchange blowjobs, 69, then Carrigan's playmate sits on his lap and rides his cock hard. Once it's over and both of their loads are shot, the playmate comments on Carrigan's age. Carrigan goes on to obsess and fantasize about being young again while watching a cute couple in a movie theater. It's all seen in a hot fantasy sequence where two boys ravish each other's cocks and asses. Another fantasy occurs at a pseudo beach. There Carrigan watches a sexy twosome between a lifeguard and a beach boy and three delectable young men. These heated scenes covers all the bases and leaves Carrigan even more envious. In the final scene he gets his wish to be young and gorgeous. He hooks up with a twink and brings him home where he fucks him silly.

The sex is great and the story is good, especially the way it's presented.

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