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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Stock for rent and for sale ? and stock heavy. The name Bjorn says it all.


Well, it appears that award-winning director Kristen Bjorn has broken some sort of record. In this two-part video treat, with a combined running time of 228 minutes, he manages to insert a whopping 95 cumshots. That is not a typo, people. Nine-five. That's a lifetime of spooge for some guys.

Filled with the most beautiful men from all over the planet, Wet Dreams is one of Bjorn's finest (and his first attempt at a double video). The technical aspects are right on (as is expected from Bjorn), and François Girard's haunting original music is fantastic.

Part One centers around jazz saxophonist Ferran Griego and his obsession with his band mate, Buddy Jones. Part Two loses steam along the way, but by then the viewer will have forgotten all about plot and will be focused on the men and the incredibly well-captured sex.

The setting is primarily in a jazz club down by the docks, where sailors come and go. Griego fantasizes about Jones, who performs a scorching solo, pouring creamy white milk all over his tanned body and giving a no-hands cumshot, the first of 45 cumshots in Part One alone. Ultimately, Griego has an after-hours fantasy involving Jones and Hans Hintern, a blond German sailor, and Marc Fortier, a French delivery man. It's a scorching threesome, with Hintern alternately taking both men's meaty cocks up his little blond butt.

Griego spies on five guys (including popular Bjorn model Alexei Gromoff), and is ultimately invited to join in for a terrific group scene. The next segment doesn't have much to do with the plot: another threesome that features two boyfriends who invite a voyeur to join them as they wash their car, get all soapy and fuck; and that's all they let him do – watch.

The final scene is the most explosive, the ultimate pairing of Griego and Jones (who has disappeared, like the many sailors who frequent the club). Griego relaxes on the beach and spies a motorboat in the distance. Driving it is Jones. Griego dives into the sumptuous blue-green water and connects with Jones for some heated oral play on the boat and in the water. Terrific underwater footage in the ocean and a pool leads our lovebirds into the house, where Griego relentlessly plugs Jones? tasty ass over and over again.

Of course, the title of the video is Wet Dreams and that's what this turns out to be. Nothing but a dream.

Part Two starts out with three guys who Griego watched cavorting on the beach in Part One. Zsolt Kopazs, Miguel Leon and Lucas Magalhaes do some fantastic oral work in a glass-encased shower before heading into some electric fucking. (Odd thing is that Leon is one of the boyfriends in Part One – is this another dream of Griego?s?)

Magalhaes moves from this pairing on to another group scene that features dark-skinned men having sex on a white staircase and a white piano. More beautiful images coupled with great sex.

In Part One, Julio Duran stole several bottles of champagne from the jazz club. He now brings them to his buyers (bubble-butted Lajos Czene and anaconda-dicked Joao Pauzao). They chastise him and inform him that the champagne he stole is crappy – and proceed to spray him with it. Lots of champagne kisses lead to caviar dreams as Duran is plugged by both men, having the most fun on the receiving end of Pauzao's monster cock.

The final scene has Griego following three sailors into a warehouse where he watches them have sex. But then his eyes fall on Antonio Rico, a dark-eyed beauty, a man that most people would sell their souls for. Rico is a clarinet player and, ultimately, Griego's soulmate. As the threesome continues, Griego and Rico proceed to make beautiful music together. In fact, the threesome, while it is good, is more a deterrent from the real heat and that is the Rico/Griego pairing. Griego stabs Rico's innards with his dick as Rico squeals with delight. It's one of the best things that Bjorn has ever shot. The two men have amazing chemistry together and it shows.

And we can be relatively certain that it isn't a dream. Griego finally finds his true love.

This is an incredible accomplishment, filled with Bjorn's trademark uncut, international hunks, more cumshots than are medically advisable and some of the best video-making ever. Bjorn is truly a master at his craft and knows how to capture hot sex.

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