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All models were at least 18 years old at the time of their performance. 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement.
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Released Feb 01st, 2007
Running Time 88
Company Bacchus Releasing
Cast Bob A Gee, Ryan Foxx, Rick Brook, Marshall O Boy, Jason Ward, Aron Saks, Paul Carrigan, Chaz Carlton, Billy Houston, Danny Chance
Critical Rating AAA
Genre Gay and Bi



Compilation. Five previously seen good fucks with sometimes intriguing bits of story left in them. "That cheer you up?" asks a breathtakingly beautiful youth of the naked, very well-groomed man who's blowing him. There's a mood of upper class romance or high class hustling. They 69 sweetly, and the lad fucks the smooth man's very hairy crack. In an office, "The coach rode me hard today," complains a possibly blatino hulk to a pretty, nerdish friend, who replies, "But you like that, don't you? Getting rode hard?" and rides the hulk from both back and front. In a living room on Saturday night, a tall, bearded guy says he doesn't like "the bars," and a very pretty friend gives his ass all the dick it could get from any bar, right in that neat suburban home. In a dark, smoky Nowhere, "Does that pacify you?" a big brunet asks small, wiry Marshall O Boy, who's sucking him. It pacifies O Boy enough for him to bend double and take big cock up his ass in the smoke. On a sofa, a big blond says he's too tired to get it up. His handsome smaller friend proves him wrong. Not only can Blond get it up, he can get it up his buddy. Great fuck. Blond knows how to batter a butt.

RETAILING: Compilation. Five previously released very good fucks.

-Robert Patrick


Just Chillin'/Pleasure. D: Paul Barresi. Frankie Jay, Erin, Cody Dee, Joey Jay, Steve Richards, A. J. Stone, Scrappie. Rocky. 82 Min.


DVDSo carelessly produced, you wonder why they bothered. Sets are stripped down like those for a school play. The lighting makes every setting look like a cafeteria. The irrelevant score sounds like someone left a radio on next door. The logo "Pop Shot" hangs in the lower right corner of the screen, always distracting the eye and sometimes obscuring sexual detail. The brief, acted introductions to each scene were obviously given no care. For sexual close-ups, lighting and editing improve to help the hard-working models. Across a desk, jeering office worker Frankie Jay fucks janitor Erin, who looks like a non-neurotic Sean Penn. In a jail, boss Dee makes jerk-off janitor Joey Jay bend over and get boned (these two "average" chubbies have delightful energy). Beautiful Scrappie bitches and bones inept furniture-mover Rocky. Twink Stone looks eerily like grown Richards, who catches him going through Richards' sister's lingerie drawer and extorts sex for not telling. Their situation is left unexplained, which leaves an aura of suggestion of forcible incest. The contemptuous way the models are treated in the Interviews might explain the hateful tone of the scenes.

RETAILING: Mostly twinks. Stock with New Releases.

-Robert PatrickMASQUE (DVD)

Oh Man! Studios. D: Jett Blakk. Brett Matthews, Jacob Slader, Zackary Pierce, Nick Mazzaro, Ty Hudson, Corbin Michaels, Chris Dano, The Dicksman, Scott Wilde, Andrew Addams, Sean Steele, Antonio York, Danny Lopez. 95 Min.


DVDIn the Edgar Allan Poe story, "The Masque of the Red Death," a man named Prospero seals himself in his castle with his nearest and dearest to protect them from a horrible death that is sweeping the country. To pass the time, they have a costume ball, and that's how death sneaks in and gets them in the end. In Jett Blakk's version, Prospero (Brett Matthews) does the same, but forbids the color red; what is it about gays and a color theme? Anyway, like all great plans, this one goes awry, and soon the rampant "sex virus" that Brett has tried to protect his guests from infects them, and the carnal games begin. The entire production, in fact, is one great big orgy, and the focus moves from one group of revelers to another fluidly, if not especially logically, throughout. The cast, and mood, would have benefited from less harsh lighting, which tends to be eyeball blistering in every scene, and the lack of focus often feels like a bad sex dream (surely, not the intent?), but some of the cast, especially the divine Zackary Pierce and power bottom Sean Steele work the room expertly.

RETAILING: All-orgy action, based on the Poe story, complete with masquerade costumes.

-Tyler DunnMEN LOVIN' MEN 2 (DVD)

Bacchus Releasing. D: Uncredited. Gino, Joe, Scott Mann, Ryan Foxx, Chance, Pablo Torres, Antonio York, Chris Johnson, Others. 92 Min.


DVDA slim grown man sucks a big, tall, older one in a setting that makes sex nastier - a middle class kitchen. Tall is so tall, Small has to sit on a stool to blow him, and get fucked standing up! On a sofa, a very handsome man, tan-lined like a spotlight on his butt, lies between even handsomer York's legs sucking him, and reflexively fucks York's calf. But what he's after is York's butt, doggy-style! It's a cooperative, strenuous fuck, with both of them drenched in sweat before they're drenched in cum. A tall, godlike youth sits sucking a man who face-fucks him. The youth returns the favor by fucking the man's butt with something so thick it almost looks like a leg instead of a cock. Good, slam-banging buggering. An extremely handsome big youth woos a refined-looking older man who slips down and strips down to blow the youth. He keeps going down to suck the beauty's butt-hole. Then Beauty fucks Age, looking like a slave fucking a pharaoh, but in a middle class American living room under the framed hands of Adam and God. The last couple is also younger/ older, a beautifully-shaped, plain-faced, thirtyish man passionately sucking and fucking a slightly grizzled, bearded older guy, and obviously relishing that hairy hole.

RETAILING: Compilation. Five routine-but-good fucks.

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