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Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann{dd

Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann{dd

Released Aug 26th, 2011
Running Time 87 Min.
Directors Radley Metzger, Henry Paris
Company Video-X-Pix
Cast Day Jason, Levi Richards, Darby Lloyd Raines, Georgina Spelvin, Jamie Gillis, Barbara Bourbon, Linda Lovemore, Marc Stevens, John Ashton, Alan Marlow, Sonny Landham, Eric Edwards, Georgia Spelvin
Critical Rating AAAA 1/2



2-Disc Collector`s Edition. Widely considered to be one of the greatest erotic films ever made, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann is the first hardcore film made by legendary director Radley Metzger, under the alias Henry Paris. Made in the golden era of porno chic and released in 1974, it was instantly acclaimed as a breakthrough achievement... Its witty screenplay, stunning cinematography, and expert direction showing for the first time that an adult film really could approach the level of a mainstream Hollywood film.Set in 1970`s Manhattan, the plot follows a private detective (Eric Edwards) employed by Mr. Mann (Alan Marlow) to investigate the sexual infidelities of his wife, Pamela (Barbara Bourbon). Supporting roles are played by the cream of New York adult film stars including Jamie Gillis, Georgina Spelvin, Marc Stevens, Sonny Landham and Darby Lloyd Raines.Digitally remastered from the original 35mm negative, The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann is presented here in its original uncut form for the first time since its original release. In addition, Video-X-Pix is proud to present the most extensive selection of extras ever assembled for a film of this nature, including the unreleased, never-before-seen cool version of the film, the first ever Henry Paris commentary recorded exclusively for this release, as well as interviews with cast members, featurettes, archival materials from the vaults of the director, and a color booklet revealing the behind-the-scenes story.


Of one thing you can be pretty sure: Once you see investigator Eric Edwards walking down a street wearing a hard hat to which a camera is attached, the idea that married cutie Pamela Mann (Barbara Bourbon) will have any actual "private afternoons" anytime soon is highly unlikely.

As one of Radley "Henry Paris" Metzger's first forays into hardcore, the plot is a bit disjointed, and filled with the little touches of life in New York City that make a Metzger movie stand out from the crowd.

After scoping out a brief b.j. scene between Linda and Leo Lovemore, Eric offers his services to Barbara's husband, Alan Marlow—a conversation that's interrupted to introduce both Barbara herself and her hooker pal Georgina Spelvin.

Alan of course wants to have Eric spy on Barbara's sexual activities, and there's a hint that he may want Eric to participate in some as well. Alan says Barbara told him that she wants to try blowing some stranger, and sure enough, she meets up with Marc Stevens in a riverside park for that in-the-bushes b.j.—which Eric dutifully records for Alan's later enjoyment ... in slo-mo!

"She needs a cock down her throat the way another woman needs a chocolate cake down her throat," Eric assesses.

Cut to Georgina welcoming her john, Levi Richards, and telling him she only gives blowjobs—and him telling her that he's been gay for the past few years, and asking if she can cure him. She agrees to try, mainly by lying on top of him for some cowgirl action, then rolling over for mish before the (internal) pop. In line with the movie's theme of "nothing is what it seems," he's not really gay but is sure he convinced Georgina that he was. (Psst: He didn't.)

Back to Barbara, "terrorists" Jamie Gillis and Darby Lloyd Raines move in on her as she sits on a park bench and offer to act out a rape fantasy with her that has Darby licking her pussy on the hood of their car as she lies atop Jamie, then holding a gun on her as Jamie "forces" her to blow him. After he cums, they leave her naked on the garage floor. And again, somehow Eric's got film of it.

Cut to Barbara smoking a doobie with Georgina and listening to her complain about the downsides of hooking ... then making her feel better with some mutual pussy-licking and fingering. And of course, Eric's got the footage.

The pace of the hardcore scenes picks up after this, with Barbara seducing politician Sonny Landham in a back room at one of his fundraisers, first briefly blowing him, then sliding onto his lap for cowgirl, and finally jacking him off into her hand. Then, when Barbara spots Eric scoping her out through a window at the event, she decides to meet him ... and fuck him. When he arrives at her apartment, she lifts her dress and directs his mouth to her pussy, then slowly sucks his balls before tackling his cock. In short order, he's on top, plunging her missionarily with a brief interlude of doggie until he cums on her tummy—but that's not the end of it, which includes a few surprises it wouldn't be prudent to reveal.

While about half of the sex is oral, and the couplings a bit shorter than usual, the film’s minor sexual shortcomings are far outweighed by the classic ’70s storyline—one actress even admits she's just there to give the movie its “socially redeeming value”—and the excellent (and quirky) cinematography.

Also included with the package is a booklet tracing the film's origins, and giving background on Metzger and his works. In addition, there's a commentary track by Metzger, interviews with Edwards and Spelvin, the film's original theatrical trailer and a 2011 version, deleted scenes, videos of "Metzger's Manhattan" replete with a tour of the Pamela locations, reproductions of newspaper and magazine clippings, and even a "Special Bicentennial Edition" of the movie—which, of course, has a picture of Uncle Sam covering all the hardcore, but is introduced by Bourbon. In sum, this is one great package!

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