Untouched Model's O'Connor Joins, Merges Roster With Hussie

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Hussie Models announces that talent agent Ryan O'Connor of Untouched Model has joined the Hussie team and brought his full talent roster with him.

Commented O'Connor, "It's taken four years to make the merger, but it's all good. I'm the type of person that likes to prove myself, show my worth, skills, dedication to anything I do. Ever since sending Chloe Temple and Kyler Quinn to Hussie, they would tell me day and night how much myself and Riley [Reynolds, owner of Hussie Models] are alike. And that they hope one day I get picked up and signed on.

"Forever grateful for everything Hussie Models has done over the years and just in these past six months," O'Connor added. "I'm excited to be here."

Find Ryan O'Connor and Hussie Modles on Twitter @RyanHussie and @HussieModels