Unfiltrd Offers Travis Kelce Admirer $50,000

LAS VEGAS—Adult fan subscription platform Unfiltrd is offering sports influencer and OnlyFans model Veronika Rajek (6.2 million Instagram followers) a $50,000 signing bonus to broadcast her NFL picks topless from her profile. The offer came after Rajek went viral for appearing at two major sporting events where she wore Kelce’s jersey and publicly swooned over the athlete in a series of Instagram posts referring to him as a "hunk." This isn’t the first professional athlete that Rajek has laid eyes on after making headlines just last year for showing her support to Tom Brady following his divorce. 

Said Unfiltrd founder and CEO Stephanie Matto, "We think [Kelce] is a hunk too, and while Veronika may have her eyes on that prize, we have our eyes on her who is better known for selling fart jars on the platform. We would love for [Rajek] to share her NFL picks and other sports highlights along with exclusive photos on the platform. We love how unfiltered she is on social media and how she speaks her mind, so our platform is a perfect fit for her. We see creators like [Rajek] earning well over six figures on our site, and we are positive that she will make a splash upon joining." 

The offer includes a one-hour topless sports broadcast on the platform as well as a live appearance at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Las Vegas in the event that the Chiefs advance to Super Bowl LVIII. A formal agreement was distributed to Rajek on Nov. 29 with a one-week deadline to respond. There is no confirmation if the social media influencer has accepted or declined the offer.