Tori Montana and Nade Nasty Star in New SeeHimFuck Scene

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Nade Nasty had a few choice words to describe his scene with Tori Montana for “Intense. Nasty. Fabulous. Fantastic.”

“I’ve been rimmed a few times before, but Miss Tori sure gave me a run for my money,” he added.

Not that Nasty didn’t know what he was getting into: According to the producers, he’d been bugging the SHF staff for a shot at his own scene. nd while he had to wait a few months, Montana reportedly made him forget all about that wait.

According to a scene description provided by SeeHimFuck, Nasty got himself worked up and out of his clothes as Montana swooped in, sniffed and licked his armpits and then doused her man before giving him a rubdown front and back, high and low. Foot play followed, with Montana sucking away and missing nothing heel to toe—but when her tongue went knocking on his backdoor, Nasty turned control over to her, who put her tongue fully in charge as Nasty sat back and enjoyed.

Of course, this led to the pair fucking. Montana starts on top and Nasty goes hands-free, though he hangs on and smacks her ass now and again—and Montana seems pretty good with everything. In just a few minutes, she’s cumming on his cock, and Nasty keeps going at her. When Nasty gets into the more controlling positions, Montana’s moans turn to squeals. In the end, Montana rims Nasty as he jerks off, his body shaking as she licks until he blows his load.

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The new SHF DVD, Young Men, is now available. It stars Daddy JM, D Frank, Oliver Flynn and Lil D with Alice Pink, Athena May, Aubrey Thomas and Riley Grey. Those interested can take a look here.

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