Jax Slayher Gives Tori Montana Heaps O' Pleasure On SeeHimFuck

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—The camera just seems to love Jax Slayher as much as he loves the camera, and since he's the focus of the lens in SeeHimFuck.com’s new “Jax Gets Refreshed”, that's a good thing.

The site matched him up with Tori Montana, but instead of watching her warm up as is the norm in porn, viewers get to see Jax go from best-dressed man to undressed to impress. He shows off a gym-sculpted body, bit by bit, until the cock comes out and he jerks himself into what many would consider intimidating largess and hardness.

Tori is undaunted. A professional cock worshipper, she is happy to start at the bottom, licking, sucking and massaging Jax’s big feet, taking her time. Jax clearly enjoys her foot worship work, stroking his long dong as he watches her work her magic.

“That’s a good fucking mouth, you got a good fucking mouth,” he tells her during the b.j.. “Keep licking that dick, it feels so fucking good.”

He instructs her to “get in the middle of me” and spreads his legs wider than one might think he could. She rims his ass and tongue fucks him. He then gets on his hands and knees and she pulls up behind him.

Finally ready to fuck his girl, he pulls her on top of him. Jax looks at the camera as he fills her puss, telling her he won’t stop until she cums on his big dick. He holds her ass cheeks while pumping  as she drapes herself over him in complete submission. Jax looks at the camera and tells the viewers something they surely already know: “This feels so good!”

Before he's done, Jax has screwed Tori missionarily, slowing down as she's on the verge of cumming and screws her romantically before picking up steam again.

Tori moans as Jax handles her doggie style, with some ass slapping. He looks at the camera as he talks dirty to his lady, smiling, before Jax pulls his pecker out at the last possible second to blast a  load on her ass.

Jax continues his dirty talk in the shower, letting viewers know that he’s aware some would like to be in there with him, helping him clean off. He continues jerking off his still-hard cock as he soaps and rinses. “Oh my god, my nuts just feel fucking full,” he says.

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