Content Creator Girthmasterr Guests on ‘And Now We Drink’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Host Matt Slayer welcomes adult star Girthmasterr for a wide-ranging discussion on the new episode of the "And Now We Drink" podcast.
Hailing from Brisbane, Girthmasterr is the highest-profile male adult performer to come out of Australia. He started shooting porn a year ago at home and has since filmed with some of the biggest names in the industry and made it to the top 0.1% of creators on OnlyFans. Girthmasterr first brought his talents to the U.S. in March of this year and is the first Australian to have a Doc Johnson clone.
On "And Now We Drink" episode 329, Slayer delves into a candid conversation with Girthmasterr, who discusses the state of the porn industry in Australia, the intricacies of consent, his globe-trotting porn career, and the thrill of newfound Internet fame. The discussion even includes international politics to the sex-positive environment in Australia, life as a content creator, the balance between professional conduct and personal adventures, and the entertaining notion of Girthmasterr's potential political career.
“Girthmasterr regaled me with his global dick-slanging adventures,” said Slayer. “This episode came together because a lot of my previous guests have worked with him, and every last one of them sang his praises. This episode was definitely a riot, and Girthmasterr’s journey is a story I know my audience will appreciate. Pour yourself a stiff drink and listen in for an episode that promises to make you laugh, ponder, and maybe even blush—only on "And Now We Drink.
Girthmasterr commented, “Breaking the ice with a couple of drinks is a great way to get the conversation flowing. From the first minute, it felt like we were a couple of friends having a fun chat. I’m glad Matt had me on the show!”
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