Megan Rain Stars In 'Underworld' Parody Scene

HOLLYWOOD, will allow access to its most recent DP scene DPMyWorld tonight at midnight. The scene is an 'Underworld' parody that stars Megan Rain, Xander Corvus, and Karlo Karrera.

According to the company, DPMyWorld takes place in a dark abyss where pure evil resides and Lycan and vampires hunt one another. Vampire Megan Rain is determined to defeat the Lycans by crossbreeding and creating a new race.

The scene features a hot, action-filled fighting sequence with Megan and Lycans Xander Corvus and Karlo Karrera. Screwbox brought in a stunt coordinator to work with all three stars and the choreography is something to behold. Megan was reportedly "a natural" who needed virtually no rehearsal, even though she was using jump cables for the very first time. As the action unfolds, she fights for her very existence in a DP scene that takes place on a rainy night in a warehouse.

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the perfect person for this remarkable role is Megan,” said owner/Creative Director Jakodema. “Her determination and willingness to put herself out there, along with Konnie and Nichole's outstanding makeup realism, then styled with Stevie Shae's charismatic wardrobe vision, allows one to create magic by bringing all those characters to life for everyone's viewing pleasure. I hope you all will be entertained as much as I was."

DPMyWorld premieres tonight at midnight and is available exclusively at Those interested may watch the NSFW trailer on Screwbox's site here and view the SFW version on the company's YouTube channel here.