Tiana Blow Guests on This Week’s ‘And Now We Drink’ Podcast

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Host Matt Slayer welcomes adult performer Tiana Blow on the new episode of "And Now We Drink" podcast titled, "Granola Girl Goes Gonzo."
A former cheerleader in her home state of Oregon, Blow considered a degree in Therapeutic Horticulture before following the suggestion of an adult performer friend and entering the adult industry in May 2022.  In "And Now We Drink" episode 331, her personal story led to a discussion about life choices, the spectrum of experiences, and the occasional unpredictable left turn that defines an extraordinary journey.
Blow dives into her multifaceted life, from cross-country road trips to her high-octane pursuits in the adult industry. The conversation kicks off with Blow's recollection of her first solo drive to Los Angeles, only to find that the allure of Hollywood didn't quite match the reality of finding work in the industry. They discuss the intricacies and unexpected lessons of living in Los Angeles.
She also shares stories from her hippie-esque youth, including cross-country adventures with her aunt, and dreams of traveling the U.S. in a Volkswagen bus. 
Delving into her work, Blow talks about the overall professionalism, and many unexpected aspects of, the adult entertainment industry. From on-set dynamics to the importance of a positive mindset, Blow opens up about personal growth, her dreams of worldwide travel, and her passion for sustainable living through WWOOF (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). 
Blow also reflects on the complexities of her relationships with men, and offers her insights on self-love, happiness, and finding joy in her job. It's a spontaneous conversation that ranges from light-hearted banter to thoughtful revelations of Blow as a thoughtful, ambitious individual carving out her path with purpose and grace. 
Slayer remarked, "What can I say about my future stepdaughter? Her mother and I are very happy, and expect her to have a bright future. Wait... Tiana never gave me her mom’s digits!"
Blow commented, "It was such a pleasure to be on 'And Now We Drink!' It was so much fun and it’s one of my first-ever podcasts!!! I’m so happy I was able to be on the show to allow my fans to get to know more about me, who I am, and what my life is like outside of porn! In fact, the only way to get to know me any better, particularly my naughty side, is by subscribing to my OnlyFans @tianablow." 
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The video version of episode 331 with Blow will premiere on YouTube on Dec. 8 on the "And Now We Drink" YouTube channel.
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