Tara Tainton Debuts Total Tara Experience on Loyalfans.com

CYBERSPACE—Tara Tainton has debuted her Loyalfans.com page.

Now, via the Tara Tainton Total Experience on content sharing site Loyalfans, fans can access exclusive content they will not find anywhere else. Message her directly; enjoy one-on-one video calls; purchase clips, images and audio; and experience a level of access to the artist previously unheard of, all in a single location.

“For those who’ve wanted more, more, more, my Loyalfans home is The Tara Tainton Total Experience you've been longing for,” Tainton explained. “This is an extension of the infamous Tara Tainton Video Experience, tapping into feelings of genuine joy, excitement and even love as you're turned on mind, body and soul. Now, that feeling never has to end. You can even subscribe to ensure you never miss an update or special perk.”

Find Tara Tainton on Loyalfans here

Tara Tainton can also be found on Clips4Sale here, and on Twitter @Tara_Tainton