Svakom Contributes to Construction of Second Water Well

NEWARK, Del.—Svakom touts its help in the construction of a second water well in Uganda with charity NGO Drop in the Bucket.

Previously, Svakom worked closely with Drop in the Bucket to secure successful drilling of a water well close to the Alim Health Center II, Uganda. In an attempt to further assist those in need, Svakom continued its work with Drop in the Bucket, and through donations given by Svakom, a second well has been constructed within close proximity of the Alero Health Center III.

A Drop in the Bucket representative said, "We are happy to see Svakom continue working with us. We have many health centers in Uganda that still urgently need water.”

Awor Stella Grace, 36, shared her life story and experiences working in the medical profession without access to clean water. Said Grace, "Growing up, I spent so much time sick and always remember the care given to me by the doctors. It made me want to become a nurse so that I could help others too."

Having witnessed many of her fellow students drop out on her journey to become a nurse due to a variety of reasons, Grace reflects that fulfilling this dream was not an easy task. She said, "Coming up with the school fees each term was a struggle, but with every sick patient I helped, my resolve to graduate became stronger."

Before her current position at the Alero Health Center III, Grace worked in her childhood hospital St. Mary’s as well as many other medical facilities. Regarding the previous situation in which she would need to travel long distances to fetch water, she said, "I love my job, but the lack of clean and constant water has been a major problem for me and my patients. This well either gave us muddy, reddish water, or it produced no water at all."

While reflecting on her experiences at the Alero Health Center III prior to the construction of the new water well, Grace added, "Lack of clean water within easy reach of a medical facility poses a great risk to patients’ recovery. A mother came to deliver but we did not have water at the facility. Normally we would go to our homes in the nearby staff quarters, but this time we had no water there either. I quickly grabbed two of my neighbors and asked them to run with me to fetch water from the well.”

The lack of access to clean water has left nurses such as Grace in positions where they need to ask patients to take medication without liquids, as well as caused the health center to reach unhygienic states of cleanliness. Commented a midwife at the facility, "Without clean water, we could not clean the equipment or even wash the blood off of the delivery room sheets or the floor."

The drilling of these wells is a time-consuming and expensive process, and due to the ongoing global pandemic, this process has become further lengthened. Svakom looks on with pride hearing the positive comments from workers and patients at the Alero Health Center III as the hardships of their recovery and work are improved via the newly drilled well.

Said Grace, "This is a blessing. I am really happy and appreciative to [Drop in the Bucket], and to those who made this possible.” Further, a midwife at the facility commented, "I am glad my maternity ward now has constant clean water, it has changed our lives and the lives of all the babies and expectant mothers."

Said a Svakom representative, “We are able to make things better, and that’s what we want to continue doing. Even the smallest donation or contribution can make a difference and you never know what dreams can come true when you try—after all, dreams have no limits."

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