Svakom Attends Shanghai API Fair, Hosts Dinner for Distributors

SHANGHAI—Adult pleasure products maker Svakom was among the companies attending the Shanghai International Adult Products Industry Expo held from April 21 to 23 where company officials celebrated the event with distributors at a private dinner.

At the expo, the company also showcased its Connexion Series as well as its upcoming products. Speaking with those in attendance, Svakom representatives said, “There was a lot of excitement for everything we have coming up. People were eager to get to know the products better and we were really happy to see new and familiar faces lining up to come to our booth.”

On April 21, Svakom hosted a dinner for its distributors offering a moment to socialize and get to express its thanks towards everyone who contributed to Svakom's success. The dinner, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bund in Shanghai, provided guests with a gift, thank you card, and the opportunity for those in attendance to deepen their bonds with industry professionals.

Throughout the night Svakom representatives took the opportunity to reflect on Svakom's journey, acknowledging the importance its distributors have had over the last 10 years in facilitating the growth of the company and expressing its gratitude towards them.

“We could not have wished for it to go better. Everyone was full of energy and eager to socialize with one another," a Svakom spokesperson said. "Our main goal was to show these people how much we appreciate them, to let them know they are like family to us—helping to brighten the path Svakom walks and illuminating new opportunities.”

Company officials also expressed their deep thanks to those who attended and towards those who organized the Shanghai API Fair.

The event followed Svakom earning Best Masturbator for its Hedy X at the IntimiExpo Awards held on April 13 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The awards show was presented as part of "Prêmio Mercado Erotico," showcasing the best in the industry across a wide range of categories.

Hedy X, the company said, claimed the award for many reasons, including its packaging design, along with its complimentary sachet of lube as well as a built-in stand designed to protect Hedy X from dust, allowing it to completely dry after cleaning.

Attending the event, Svakom representative Alex Feynerol accepted the award on behalf of the company.

“At Svakom we are glad to have been recognized in such an incredible emerging market," he said. "We have found one of the best partners to share this success with, INTT Cosmeticos, that have been relentlessly positioning our brand as one of the best in Brazil”

A Svakom spokesperson added, “We are always focused on innovation—creating products that blow the minds of our customers and give them the opportunity to re-evaluate what pleasure, satisfaction, and sex mean to them. With Hedy X, we proved that innovation does not require next-level technology—but an incredible design with a focus on that incredible feeling we’ve come to expect from our products.

We sincerely thank IntimiExpo for bestowing Hedy X with this award, seeing it receive the recognition it deserves with an immense feeling of pride. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you."

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