StorErotica Honors Williams Trading’s Ron Kohls as Unsung Hero

PENNSAUKEN, N.J.Williams Trading Co. announces that one of its own has been featured in a Special Spotlight Focus article that appeared in both the June edition of StorErotica magazine and on its website. 
With a focus on the unsung heroes of adult retail, Eugenio Torrens interviewed several companies from different parts of the adult retail industry asking them to nominate an employee whom they believed contributed a great deal towards the success of the company—their "unsung hero"—and Williams Trading Co. director of marketing and sales Scott D nominated senior sales representative Ron Kohls, who has been with the veteran distributor for well over 30 years. 

Below are the interview questions SE magazine asked, followed by Scott D’s answers for Williams Trading Co. 

SE: What makes this person a great salesperson for your brand/company—what is their strongest skill as a salesperson (initial engagement, finalizing the transaction, upselling, product knowledge, etc.)?
WTC: With over 30 years experience within the adult channel, as the Senior Sales Representative for Williams Trading Co, he knows his customers’ needs. Asking about his strongest skill—he doesn’t have just one. He is an all-around excellent salesperson, whom customers know they can rely on and trust. He constantly advises Williams Trading accounts with new selections, recommendations, and best practices. 
With the large number of items offered weekly it’s difficult to pick out winners constantly. Ron’s in-depth knowledge of what sells well in individual stores gives customers the confidence that they are selecting the right products for their customers, and the long-term trust, confidence, and loyalty his customers show him is well-earned.  
Ron also has the stamina and focus to travel extensively as a road warrior, visiting customers and building relationships with them that last. Not only does he build long-term relationships with customers, he is known to also build great relationships with our vendors. He acts as a strong advocate for his customers at the same time, ensuring they get all of the support they need to run their businesses successfully. 
SE: What are the ingredients of an effective salesperson in 2022?
WTC: The ingredients for an effective salesperson are excellent product knowledge, consistency, integrity, and an ability to build solid relationships with both customers and vendors. One of the most important ingredients, however, is possessing a customer-service mentality, as being able to serve the customer is the most crucial aspect of a salesperson’s job. It’s also important to be able to handle any issues a customer might have quickly and effectively, which is an ability that comes naturally. 
SE: How much of selling is product knowledge vs brand/company knowledge vs innate personality?
WTC: Consultative selling is a mix of product knowledge, understanding customers’ needs, and understanding which brands will work best for each store. Customers are unique, and so are their needs. And while stores can fall into different types, they are all unique. Consumer demographics, location, store type—they all have to be taken into consideration when making product recommendations. But personality is also a very big part of selling—you have to be customer-oriented, friendly, and confident in your approach, all of which Ron excels at. 

SE: How has your "unsung hero" evolved with the pandemic times? (For example, was there a learning curve selling via Zoom?)

WTC: Ron and all of our Sales Reps quickly adapted during the pandemic, learning how to Zoom, the limitations of not being able to meet in person, and how to adapt to the new digital world. He picked up Zoom fast, and was taking part in the virtual trade shows throughout the past year and a half. The industry had to evolve during the pandemic, but the most important thing was—and is—staying in constant contact with and meeting the needs of our customers, something that he has always done incredibly well. 
SE: What's something you wish more salespeople in the industry did right now?
WTC: Sales reps today need to take a more consultative approach with their customers. Not every item will fit into all stores. Understanding which items are successful, and why they are successful with individual customers is very important. 
SE: How does your "unsung hero" help your company's overall operations/bottom line?
WTC: As our Senior Sales Rep, Ron is responsible for the largest base of customers, and is on top of every new release. He has very strong relationships with vendors and does a great job of staying on top of industry trends, bringing these opportunities to our customers.

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