Sinn Sage and Cherie DeVille Star in 'Going Deeper 2'

LOS ANGELES—Sinn Sage and Cherie DeVille star in the girl/girl-themed Going Deeper 2 for Sinn Sage Studios and Troublefilms Distribution, now available.

“I met Cherie for our first scene together many years ago when she was relatively newer in the business. Years later she’s a porno superstar, and we’ve reconnected. In working together on a regular basis, we’ve developed some serious chemistry,” said Sage, who directs and produces the Going Deeper series.

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Going Deeper explores the high-chemistry relationships Sinn Sage develops with some of the industry’s most amazing performers. Volume 2 features DeVille with Sage in DeVille’s own bedroom, followed by an interview with the two performers along with a second full length scene.

“There is something so lovely, so positive, so raw and sexual and beautiful about Cherie and the way she performs, and I knew she was perfect to include in this series,” Sage said. “Watch for yourself as the magic unfolds between us in Cherie’s bed, and we both let passion and sexual affection take the reigns for what becomes a truly intimate and orgasmic experience!”

“Sinn is an unbelievably passionate lover,” DeVille offered. “She is obviously skilled at what she does but it’s so much more than that; I always feel like she sees me sexually in a way others don’t, she listens to my body tell her things I was never even aware I was expressing, both physically and emotionally.”

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