Sexually Broken Returns With 'Resurgence'

NEW YORK—After months on hiatus with an uncertain future, hardcore BDSM site Sexually Broken is back with the release of Resurgence, starring Brooke Johnson, Jesse Dean and Steve Rickz.

Directed by up-and-coming filmmaker Stephie Staar, Resurgence sets the tone for the franchise’s revival.

“I was really disappointed to hear that the site had been archived and no more sets where being produced,” said Stephie Staar. “After visiting the farm for my episode of Infernal Restraints, the opportunity of a lifetime fell into my lap when I was asked by Insex to direct a pilot set for the upcoming return of Sexually Broken. I am so honored to have been given the chance to direct for one of my favorite sites and I am very excited for the fans to see the results of everyone’s hard work on this set.”

Returning on a trial basis only, the fate of Sexually Broken is in the hands of the fans. Their enthusiasm around Resurgence will be what ultimately determines the future of the franchise. To pique fans' interest, a trailer is available here.

“I was put into crazy positions and pushed harder as a performer than I have ever been pushed before,” recalls Resurgence star Brooke Johnson. “After each scene I was tired, sore, and on my way to becoming completely comatose. It was so intense; the fans are going to flip.”

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All business, media and talent inquiries related to Sexually Broken should be directed to Stephie Staar at [email protected].