Brickzilla and Natalie Porkman Star in New Scene at SeeHimFuck

LOS ANGELES—Brickzilla and his 13-inch manhood takes on Natalie Porkman in’s “Brickzilla and His 13” Monster Cock Get Rimmed,” available now at

The scene opens with the 18-year-old brunette pleasing her man by licking at his armpits, before moving on to his monster meat and going hardcore on him. To watch the scene, click here.

Following the scene, Brickzilla admitted that he was hesitant early in the scene but it turned out to be “a pretty good experience. It felt great.”

He explained that it was just a few years ago that he realized he had an abnormally large penis—it was then that a woman he had just been with said to the 49-year-old performer: “You don’t know do you? Dudes don’t have dicks like this. Yours is like three or four dicks combined. I didn’t think it was a special thing at all.”

Brickzilla and Porkman are represented by Hussie Models. Brickzilla is on Twitter and OnlyFans.

Porkman is also on Twitter and OnlyFans. is offering a COVID-19 Quarantine Special through Aug. 1, featuring a 30 percent discount for the initial signup for the first month, a 3-month subscription or a full year.

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