Scarlett Alexis Guests on Matt Slayer’s ‘And Now We Drink’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—Adult star Scarlett Alexis joins host Matt Slayer on a new episode of the "And Now We Drink" podcast.
On episode 358, Alexis introduces Slayer to Vahirovka, her favorite alcohol from Prague, sparking a discussion on their drinking preferences and the cultural history of various spirits, including Slayer’s notorious Jeppson's Malört collection.
The conversation transitions to karaoke nights. Slayer and Alexis also explore conversations about the ups and downs of their respective careers, the camaraderie and community within the industry, and the importance of maintaining a balanced life beyond the camera. 
The episode is peppered with Alexis' personal stories, including a humorous yet stressful situation with a former roommate who threatened her and her cats, and the two also touch on Alexis' ambitions outside of the adult entertainment industry, highlighting her dreams of a future in music and living a multi-faceted life. 
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The video version of episode 358 premieres on YouTube on June 21 here.
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