Relationship Coach and Author Lexi Sylver Graces 2nd 'ASN' Cover

MIAMICoach, educator and erotica author Lexi Sylver is featured on this month’s cover of ASN Lifestyle Magazine, becoming the first individual to have two cover features to her name for the publication.

The August 2022 issue of ASN Lifestyle Magazine reveals a cover photo of Sylver wearing only a pair of red opera gloves and covering her bare breasts. In August 2019, Sylver first appeared on the cover of ASN Lifestyle Magazine in a photo taken by Montreal-based photographer Fabrice de Bray; this same photo later became the cover of Sylver’s book, Mating Season: Erotic Short Stories (2020).

Said ASN Entertainment, LLC founder and CEO Michael Ramos, "It’s an honor to have this trailblazer grace our cover again. Lexi has done so much for our lifestyle and has helped elevate our ASN brand and the lifestyle community as a whole."

Entitled "Lexi Sylver Explores Her Lexuality," the new feature is introduced by kink educator and coach Julieta Chiara, who describes the first time she met Sylver: "As she spoke fast and excitedly, infusing swear words seamlessly throughout her sentences, it was clear to me that she was a total firecracker. She was sharp, confident, and witty—everything a boss bitch should be."

In her interview with Chiara, Sylver explains that her slogan, "Explore Your Lexuality," is her "erotic version of self-actualization: attaining the highest level of being by living authentically, [...] carving my own path of self-discovery and shamelessly pursuing what (and whom) I desire." Sylver also talks to Chiara about writing erotica, her take on having fulfilling sex and relationships, and shares a few personal details about herself.

Sylver is known for her work within the open lifestyle community, partly due to her role as media director for, an international open dating platform. As a sex, relationship and lifestyle coach, she works with couples and singles who are curious about or already immersed in the lifestyle. She has also taught many courses and written articles on ethical non-monogamy for multiple platforms and publications. Her virtual webinar series, "Swinging 101," begins its third season in September 2022.

Sylver has been nominated for two ASN Awards this year: Best Erotic Author and Best Educator. The winners of the ASN Awards will be broadcast live on Sep. 18, 2022 on and the official ASN Awards website.

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