Ray Ray, Rebel Rhyder Welcome Puerto Rock to 'Deep Thots' Podcast

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—This week, Ray Ray, Rebel Rhyder, and Kevin Phillips welcomed their first official guest on the "Deep Thots" podcast, Puerto Rock.

When looking for a guest, host Ray asked co-host Phillips to find a male talent with the biggest muscles in the industry. 

During the episode, Rock chats with the hosts about getting his start in the industry as a stripper for bachelorette parties, meeting veteran performer Houston who set him on his career trajectory, coming up with his stage name, and gives training and diet tips. Rocks also shares his thoughts on how testing works in the industry, the positives and negatives of being an adult, and advice for newer male talent.

"I've known Puerto for quite a while now and understand why everyone loves him—he's a great guy, professional, and super down to earth. He was an incredible guest, and I was honored he agreed to be on the show. I appreciated all his experience and insight," said Ray.

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