Pure Play Media Releases 'Weekend at Grandpa's 6'

LOS ANGELES — Pure Play Media and Desperate Pleasures release Weekend at Grandpa’s 6. Cover model Anastasia Rose, along with Olivia Kasady, perform as the fauxcest studio’s “granddaughters” who showcase their lust for sex with the oldest patriarch of the “family.” 

“Desperate Pleasures’ fauxcest releases are increasingly popular with fans of the genre, and some of the scenarios really push the envelope,” says a Pure Play Media sales representative. “For taboo relations fans, this G-DILF release takes the father-daughter relationship and showcases sexual relationships with an even wider age difference. Retailers, get your orders in right away.”
“Ever since I turned 18, I've been finding myself attracted to much older men,” says Anastasia Rose in the video description. “My boyfriends don't understand why I spend so much time with their Dads, and things have gotten even stranger; I started having fantasies about my own grandfather. Before long, I was able to get Grandpa to use me as one of his models, and we got really close. So close, in fact, he invited me for the weekend. Grandpa seduced me that first night, right there in his kitchen. I came so many times, I barely knew my name. After what seemed like hours, grandpa exploded in my open mouth!”

Weekend at Grandpa’s 6 costar Olivia Kasady says, “In my last year of high school, I wound up working as an intern for my grandfather. When I found out he likes girls with braces, I did what it took to get the attention I wanted. Grandfather and I became really close after I showed him I was a naughty granddaughter, too!”
To view the box cover, cast list, and synopsis for Weekend at Grandpa’s 6, click here. The movie also includes a bonus cumshot reel, featuring the studio’s other “granddaughters.”
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