Natassia Dreams Graces Cover of MSCHF Mag Volume 7: XXX

NEW YORKMSCHF, the innovative creative collective known for its Dirty Magazine, downtown New York’s adult magazine, has announced its collaboration—MSCHF Magazine Vol. 07: XXX. Guest edited by the Dirty Magazine team, Vol. 07 explores "commodity fetishism," and is available for purchase.

MSCHF Magazine Vol. 07: XXX marks MSCHF’s first venture into adult content and first partnership with Dirty Magazine.

MSCHF chief creative officer Kevin Wiesner said, "MSCHF Mag continually experiments with its format. In the past, it has been tiny, huge, or all-comics—and from volume one, we've wanted to do a magazine that had to be packaged in an opaque black plastic modesty bag. Vol 7: XXX finally gave us the chance."

Dirty Magazine editor-in-chief Ripley Soprano said, "MSCHF approached us because they had never produced an adult photoshoot or dabbled in editorial smut despite always wanting to. We used this affirming opportunity with the art, tech, and levity-pilled titan to give a hat-tip to our criminal co-conspirators, uplift the voices that get left behind in mainstream adult industry discourse, and to double down on our critique of the landscape of intimacy and technology."

Readers of this issue can expect an editorial photo shoot with Pornhub Ambassador Natassia Dreams, featuring a soda case American Flag and a Fighter Jet backdrop. There's also a Joaquin Phoenix-meets-pizzagate editorial with Jonah Howell and Lily Lady, Trinity Noone's essay titled "Your Barista’s a Hooker," coverage of MSCHF’s Miami Basel 2022 Activation “ATM Leaderboard,” a feature by K-Hole co-founder Sean Monahan, an essay on Italian Memes by Clusterduck, an interview with sex writer and actress Veronica Vera by Brynn Michaels, and an exploration of Objectifillia by Miles Raymer.

In addition to Dirty Magazine's contributions to the issue, it gave MSCHF some of its personal insights into the challenges of managing payment processors regarding adult content. This helped MSCHF leverage its engineering expertise to build out a system to accommodate D2C sales of this magazine. Dirty used the opportunity to further uplift the community and audience it serves; dedicating a portion of paid writing opportunities to sex workers who had previously only been published in Dirty Magazine.

Dirty Magazine’s collaboration with MSCHF represents the beginning of branching out from its original print-only quarterlies. In the future, Dirty Magazine will be embracing new formats, collaborators, and a wider range of subject matter. The magazine will continue to experiment, offering more releases, launches, and an array of events and parties that engage its growing readership and community. Its evolution extends beyond content; with a newly opened headquarters and photo studio in Little Italy, Dirty is on a path to becoming a full-fledged creative agency.

The wry cultural commentary of MSCHF Mag aligns with Dirty's audacious spirit. With both publications entrenched in the ethos of challenging the status quo of traditional culture and media, this issue takes its synergy to new heights.