Nikki Phoenix Receives 7th Mainstream Star of the Year Nom

LAS VEGAS—Nikki Phoenix announced she has received her seventh nomination for Mainstream Star of the Year for the 2016 AVN Awards, among others.

Phoenix’s EDM music career took off this year as she and her EDM duo partner JackEL formed JackELd Phoenix. Their first single “Your Smile” received radio play across the U.S., Canada and Europe as she closed a music distribution deal with Beatport with her record label Sights & Sounds. 

The song was featured in her self-produced movie “Pretty Kitties,” which received an AVN nomination for Best Soundtrack. Her studio Little Dragon Pictures also received a nod for Best New Imprint. “Your Smile” was the No. 1 trending EDM single on Soundcloud in May 2015 with 3.3 million plays.

On the heels of their initial song releases, JackELd Phoenix headlined their first performance at a music festival at Las Vegas Hempfest in October. 

Phoenix also was featured in both the 2015 and 2016 Vang Comp Systems Calendar, promoting a world leader in shotgun technology; in addition, her music appeared in the first skill-based gasino game ever developed by Nanotech Gaming.

She stayed busy when she wasn’t in the studio, unveiling new scenes on as well as movies with her distribution deal with Juicy.

“We couldn't be more happy this year, with JackELd Phoenix headlining our first music festival, our music in rotation on the radio, hitting No. 1 on Soundcloud, signing our distribution deal with Beatport, and our music appearing in the first casino game featuring skill-based gaming,” Phoenix said. “It's been a whirlwind with our performances at nightclubs and with the mainstream modeling and spokesmodel work I have continued to do throughout the year, but it was even sweeter that AVN recognized the hard work of our new production company Little Dragon Pictures and our distribution deal with Juicy, with a nomination for Best New Imprint, and our movie ‘Pretty Kitties’ for Best Soundtrack, as no soundtrack has ever achieved the commercial and mainstream success ‘Your Smile’ has achieved. 

“It definitely lets the world know that a performer is no longer stigmatized by this wonderful industry, and can pursue mainstream and adult careers and success at the same time. JackEL and I, as well as our management team and label would both like to thank everyone at AVN, and our distributors Juicy and Beatport, as well as Vang Comp Systems and our mainstream partners, all of the nightclubs and festivals who have supported us, as well as all our fans and supporters for an amazing year, and I promise this is just the start of our incredible journey together.”

Phoenix plans to release her fifth title during AVN and recently secured a sponsorship with Wet Lubricant from Trigg Laboratories.

“This was a very special year for us at Juicy,” said Jerry E., owner of Juicy, which distributes Little Dragon movies. “While we received 95 nominations with the other companies and directors under our umbrella, these three are by far the sweetest. We have never had a nomination for Best Soundtrack, with the star performer singing and producing it, let alone one that hit No. 1 and is playing on the radio. On top of that for her new company to be recognized with Best New Imprint and for her to be nominated for a seventh Mainstream Star award, it's as big a sweep as anyone can achieve I think. We are tremendously proud of Nikki and her team, and can't wait for her next release in January. We are also very impressed that she secured a sponsorship for personal lubricants for her movies, and it shows everyone just how well her brand is established in mainstream as well as adult.”

With lubricant an essential element for on set performances, Phoenix opted for silicone-based lubricant Wet Platinum for use with all of her performers. Trigg Laboratories itself is up for three awards nominations this season as well, including AVN Lubricant Company of the Year.

“We love that Mainstream Star of the Year nominee, Nikki Phoenix, loves Wet and we are so excited to be a part of Little Dragon Pictures’ productions this year,” said Jennifer Martsolf, VP of marketing for Trigg Laboratories. “You can see by the nominations, they release quality content and we are honored that they’ve chosen Wet on set.” 

In addition, Phoenix is poised to release her next JackELd Phoenix single “Dreaming Of You” in January. The song will debut during the AVN Awards week will also appear on Beatport and all other digital music platforms.