Newbie Luke Cooper Makes SeeHimFuck Debut

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.— has matched industry newbie Luke Cooper with Brin Summer, a young lass with a penchant for licking ass, for its first scene with Cooper, and it was the first time Cooper had been on the receiving end of this act, on- or off-camera. In fact, “New Stud Rimmed for the 1st Time” is one of Cooper's first-ever scenes.

“That was my first time getting rimmed,” Cooper said in the outro interview. “I wasn’t worried. It was pretty awesome. At first it was a little weird, but then she really got in there and I opened up.”

Luke Cooper is represented by Hussie Models. His Twitter is @LukeCooperXXX.

Brin Summer is also repped by Hussie Models. Her model page is here. Her Twitter is @daisy_may35 and her OnlyFans is here. may be followed on Twitter @seehimfuck and Instagram @seehimfck. Its "quarantine sale" will continue through August 1.