Natalia Nix Brings Positive Vibes and Sapphic Lust to

MIAMI—Natalia Nix returns to in "Free Spirits," a new scene with Eliza Ibarra directed by Laurent Sky.

In the New Age-themed vignette, the starlet plays a healer who loves to help her friends cleanse themselves of negative and bad energy. She knows Ibarra is in need of some serious healing and has all the tools that are needed. Ibarra puts her trust in Nix as she starts the cleansing process with a crystal dildo and then goes down on her. The energy keeps flowing as Ibarra takes her turn with Nix. The two friends lose themselves in each other, feeling only positive vibes.

To watch the scene, click here.

“I was so excited to be back at Slayed,” Nix said. “And I got to work with the lovely Eliza Ibarra. I can’t wait to hear what my fans thought of this scene.”

Nix is represented by 101 Modeling and will be available for shoots again in March. For booking information, click here.

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