Motorbunny Debuts New ‘Do It On A Bunny’ Episode

LOS ANGELES—Motorbunny has released “Do it on a Bunny: Pottery Edition,” the newest episode of its video series.

“Do it on a Bunny: Pottery Edition” features popular internet model Skye Blue as she rides a vibrating Motorbunny while attempting to work a pottery wheel. Her male friend offers assistance in a close re-creation of the iconic pottery wheel scene in the 1989 film Ghost. While the camera rolls, the Motorbunny’s “buzz” intensifies for her pleasure while posing a challenge to complete her pottery.

“Doing ceramics on a Motorbunny was so exciting,” Blue said. “It’s so intense and feels so good, can all pottery dates be like this?”

The viral video campaign features popular models and influencers valiantly attempting regular activities while riding atop the legendary saddle vibrator. To see the new video, click here.

“Skye is captivating and her expressions are priceless,” said Craig Mewbourne, CMO of Motorbunny. “We have a lot of fun creating the ‘Do it on a Bunny’ series, but the best part is that it gives viewers a sense of the capabilities and the possibilities Motorbunny can bring to their love life. We hope you enjoy this new episode.”

The series was launched late last year with holiday-themed editions for Thanksgiving, Christmas and, most recently, a Game Night edition featuring two sexy models as they played Jenga while riding the Motorbunny.

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