Monthly Fetish’s October Issue Examines Pantyhose

TAMPA, Fla.Monthly Fetish magazine is known for covering all fetishes, from the popular to the hidden, and this issue it delves into the wild world of pantyhose.

The Featured Fetish gives readers a leg up on the fetish and how the 1953 invention changed the world. Fetish in Technology gives the lowdown on all the best place to buy pantyhose from cheap to luxurious. Fetish in the News covers mantyhose and their comeback. Fetish 101 covers the pantyhose fetish as a spectator and participant. And sociologist and author Dr. Chauntelle explores the fetish and how common it is in Ask the Doctor.

The Unbound Interview profiles Stefan, producer of the Nylon Leg Fetish Store on Clips4Sale. The in-depth interview covers the beginning of Stefan’s attraction to the fetish, his favorite types of nylons and stockings, how his studio came about, and much more. The interview also features exquisite photos from his store.

“We try to cover all the fetishes and many of our topics come from our readers writing in with questions,” says Editor Jenn. “Pantyhose is a very interesting fetish, and I think our readers will learn a lot from the new issue. There are some great articles that will leave you wanting more.”

Check out the Panty Hose edition of Monthly Fetish and previous issues here. Readers can write in and ask about fetishes here.

Audio versions of the current issue are available on Vimeo and on Monthly Fetish’s YouTube channel.

Owned by XIX Media Group and largely sponsored by Clips4Sale, Monthly Fetish launched in April 2017. The online zine is aimed at a wide audience, from professional kinksters to those curious about the fetish lifestyle.