Monthly Fetish Mag Offers Wrestling Edition For The Holidays

TAMPA, FL—Since its birth last year, Monthly Fetish magazine has been known for covering all fetishes, from the popular to the hidden—and for its special holiday edition, it's covering wrestling, the undisputed champ of contact fetishism.

The "Featured Fetish" delves into how the fetish began, the dynamics behind the mixed wrestling fetish, female and gay wrestling as a fetish, and why it’s more popular than most people ever imagined.

"Fetish 101" deals with the offensive and defensive of building muscle, managing weight, and mastering stance and defensive moves, as well as offering helpful tips and a few warnings.

"Fetish in Technology" delves into what it takes to wrestle, as well as where to purchase gear, wrestling clubs, and pro and amateur schools and trainers.

"The Art of Fetish" shows wrestling images that date back more than 20,000 years in European caves, as well as Greek, Chinese, and Egyptian art that showcases the sport in all its glory.

"Fetish in the News" covers North and South Korea coming together to recognize ancient wrestling as a cultural gem; celebrities like David Arquette engaging in Death Matches; and underground wrestling in NYC.

The "Unbound Interview" profiles Grappling Girls in Action on Clips4Sale. The in-depth, exclusive interview covers a lot of ground, including how Joe, the owner of Grappling Girls in Action, came up with the idea to start a wrestling studio, his favorite wrestlers he’s filmed, holds that he invented that became a mainstay in the wrestling video industry, how he finds talents for his clips, the training and endurance levels of the women on his site, and much more.

“Wrestling is a huge passion of mine going back to the days of Kerry Von Erich in the late 80s and it continues to grow in popularity,” said Editor Jenn. “We have had several readers write in and ask us to cover this fetish, so we did. The 'Ask Us Anything' section is a great way to ask questions and hit us up to cover your favorite fetishes.”

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