Miss Mae Ling Offers Ageplay Clips With 'Ageplay 24/7'

CYBERSPACE—On August 8, Dominatrix Miss Mae Ling lensed three clips highlighting her domination style. They will be available to view on Clips4Sale in the upcoming weeks.

According to Ling, the subjects of the clips, under the general category of "age play," include "learning about what quality time actually looks like in a relationship," "empathizing with animals being locked in cages (chastity)" and "the risks involved in partaking in science experiments and what happens when they go wrong."

“I enjoy playing in the dark depths of taboo with such a bright and positive outlook on it,” said Ling. “The contrast of it all satiates the deep desires in an innocent and safe environment.”

To watch Mae Ling's Ageplay 24/7 clips, click here.

Those interested may follow Mae Ling on Twitter and visit her website MissMaeLing.com.