Mick Blue, Anikka Albrite Talk About Relationships on Podcast

LOS ANGELES—Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite sat down with Jo Piazza, host of the Committed podcast, to discuss their relationship, in a new episode titled “I Don’t Own Him.” Committed is a weekly podcast from Stuff Media Network.

Every week, Piazza, herself newly-married and the author of How to Be Married, interviews couples on what makes their relationship work. For this week’s episode, she visited Mick and Anikka in their home north of Los Angeles to talk to the only couple in the history of the industry to win Performer of the Year trophies the same year, about what it takes to make a relationship like theirs last.

A successful relationship is, of course, especially tricky in an industry where one's partner is regularly having sex not only with other people, but for the enjoyment of other people. Mick and Anikka have become the industry’s finest example of how a couple in love can last in an industry that can make things even more difficult than they are under normal circumstances.

“For us, the only thing we ask of each is other is, don’t have sex with the other person off-camera," Anikka explained, “which I think if very fair, because it just shows respect for each other when you do that.”

During the podcast, Mick and Anikka share the background of their relationship, at one point explaining that they had both made lists of what they wanted in a partner. Mick’s was short, six items, something he had jotted down after his previous relationship ended. As specific as it was—the woman would need to speak some German, for example—Anikka hit all the points. Then Anikka remembered that she had made a list several years earlier and tracked it down. Hers was rather more extensive.

“Can you imagine? She had written down 76 points. I was thinking, 'I’m screwed',” Mick said. “Because there is no way in the world that anyone is going to pass all 76 points. And by the time we were at number 30, I knew in her mind she knows already that I’m not the perfect person for her life, we’re never going to get married, the whole engagement is a mistake, and I’m just thinking about the bad outcome.”

Seventy-six points. Amazingly, Mick managed to meet them all—and after four years of marriage, Mick and Anikka are going as strong as ever, a fine example of how to make a relationship work—for porn stars or for anyone.

“Going into this episode I really didn’t know what to expect,” Piazza comments in the podcast. “I was excited to hear what it’s like to be a married porn star, but I didn’t know we would end up talking about respect and communication and that Mick and Anikka would seem more normal than most so-called ‘normal’ people in my life. No matter what anyone thinks about what they do for work, they’re happy, they’re happy, they love each other, they’re committed.”

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