Lexi Foxy and Eric John Live Show Moved to Tuesday

CYBERSPACE—New performer Lexi Foxy and well-known talent Eric John perform together for the first time in any setting on Tuesday, Sept. 18, live on Erotique Entertainment’s flagship site, ErotiqueTVLive.com. The feature-length sex performance, originally scheduled for Sept. 16, begins at 6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. PT and is available to members of the site.

Foxy and John have planned this for some time now, and it’s the first of a series of content projects the two have in store.

“We are both excited about the scenes we are about to produce together,” said John. “The most exciting is certainly the first, the live show, and all our fans can experience it along with us.”

“It’s even more special in that we are performing together literally the same day we are meeting in person for the first time,” continued John. “There is nothing like the first sexual experience with someone you have been excited about for a long time, and finally you are coming together.”

“Live is more fun than regular scenes,” said Foxy. “So that combined with our mutual anticipation should lead to an incredible experience. Please join us.”

Foxy holds a degree in creative writing, and it was her interest in writing about female sexuality that led her into exploring porn—despite having not watched mainstream porn (she “didn’t find a lot of it stimulating”) and not even having many of her own sexual experiences prior.

In her writing, Foxy was interested in sex workers and their lives and rights, as well as depictions of female sexuality in erotica and pornography. She noticed their were a lot of polarized opinions about the industry, and was specifically especially concerned with issues regarding female autonomy, female consent and female rights.

It seemed paradoxical to Foxy that many people were making very biased statements against the industry, yet a lot of women were doing it, and enjoying the benefits of “having their own schedule, being their own boss, having amazing sexual experiences.”

“I wanted to really understand both sides—the potential downsides but also the benefits” of a career performing in adult, explained Foxy.

John believes Foxy exhibits a lot of insight. “I am extremely impressed by her decision to thoroughly learn about the topics by experiencing them,” he said. “So many people are willing to judge things without firsthand knowledge. Obviously this person is exceptional.”

And now that Foxy has a few months of experience?

“It’s definitely more work than I imagined and what most people think. It requires a skill set that is unique. I have so much more admiration for the women in the industry—indeed, ALL performers, women and men; it’s incredibly physically demanding for men—than I did prior. The performers who last are super hard workers with just an amazing work ethic, who value what they do, are passionate about what they do, and work very hard about being good at it—which they care about a great deal,” said Foxy.

“And people need discipline and passion, and the wherewithal to deal with inconsistent paychecks and the ups and downs of performing,” continued Foxy. “Anybody who has been in the industry for a long time, surviving and contributing to a positive environment, is amazing to me. We need those good role models.”

The work Foxy and John are doing is consistent with where Foxy wants to go in the future.

“I want to own more content, invest in my own equipment, continue to assert more creative control,” she said. “I think every performer who wants to have a long career needs to do those things. Plus it will be artistically fulfilling.”

“It is definitely a privilege to welcome Lexi to her first appearance on ErotiqueTV,” said John. “I hope all of you join us and enjoy our combined passion.”

Members of ErotiqueTVLive.com can view Foxy and John’s performance live this Tuesday from two separate angles simultaneously. Eventually the edited 4K version of the performance will be available on the site. Videographer Johnny Goodluck, an up-and-coming talent behind the lens as well as in front of it, photographer Gordon and computer host Calista Roxx will be on hand for the festivities as usual.

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