Lauren Phillips Interviewed on Buenos Aires’ 'FAN' Radio Show

LOS ANGELES—Lauren "America’s Favorite Redhead™" Phillips isn’t just a star in her home country, she's an international sensation—at least in Argentina.

Lauren was recently interviewed on the FAN radio show out of Buenos Aires and the hosts showed great familiarity with the redheaded star’s work. The morning show-style broadcasts every Sunday night in Spanish and English, and features music and interviews. The episode, available via their podcast, also features an interview with Rebekka Johnson, one of the stars of Netflix’s popular series GLOW.

The hosts were particularly interested in Jurassic Wood: Swollen Dingdong, the WoodRocket parody of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in which Lauren takes on the role of Claire Dearing, played by Bryce Dallas Howard in the Hollywood original.

The FAN hosts asked if porn stars have any contact the actors who played their roles originally.

“No, a lot of the stuff, whenever they ask me to do a parody or a porn version of something, I do a lot of research and I’ll watch anything I need to watch to make sure I become the character,” Lauren explained, “but it would be pretty funny if they told some of the actors I was playing them.”

The hosts were also intrigued by the threesome in the movie that involves a dinosaur: “While you’re filming this, do you crack up? Can you just not stop laughing because of the things that you’re filming?”

“When they told me that I would be having sex with a dinosaur, I was just like, 'all right, let’s see what happens',” Lauren said. “The girl that played the dinosaur, that was all body paint, so any time we rubbed up on her, the paint that was on her body would end up on ours and we had to be really careful with her tail, which was attached with some kind of skin glue, so we had to be really careful with that, too. The shoot went longer than expected and I had to rush to the airport to get back to LA and I had spots of blue all over my body. It was definitely a really funny moment. And the script and the dinosaur themes they were trying to do, it was hilarious.”

Those interested may listen to Lauren on FAN’s episode 29.07 here.

Lauren was interviewed in the new issue of Hustler in an article that asks if extreme porn like triple anal, blowbangs and piss boarding is the new normal. To read Lauren's answers, check out the September 2018 issue here.

Lauren is doing twice-weekly Twitch streams, on Thursdays and Sundays at 6 p.m. PT. These slots allow fans to interact with her in a non-porn environment. Those interested may join her on here.

Fans can find Lauren on her official website and her blog, as well as on Twitter and Instagram @LaurenFillsUp; Tumblr; SextPanther; and

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