Larkin Love to Host LoyalFans Master Class Saturday has announced a new Master Class event featuring Larkin Love, who previously led multiple Master Class series in collaboration with the platform, titled "Your Space, Your Rules: How to Set Boundaries With Clients & Make Even *MORE* Money!" The class takes place Saturday, Feb. 24 at 2:00 p.m. ET. 

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Love’s February Master Class with LoyalFans will offer solutions to help creators determine their actual customers versus those who are just in DMs kicking tires and causing problems.

Love said, "A creator with zero boundaries towards clients is destined for burnout, guaranteed. The customer is NOT always right—and, by the way, most of the loud-mouths you're trying to please aren't even your customer!" 

Love continued, "Every time you decline a client that isn't ‘for you,’ you make room for one that suits your unique way of doing things. You will be better equipped to run your business properly when you are not forcing yourself to make unaligned customers happy. Stop wasting your energy trying to please everyone!"

Love asserted that, during this event, creators will learn a valuable skill—how to say "no."

Love assured, "You are going to learn how to say no [during this Master Class]. You're going to learn that you won't die of embarrassment or lose all your fans if you communicate your needs upfront to clients."

She added, "You are going to learn how to identify what you need from customers and develop a simple system to remove unqualified potential buyers from the client pool early and often. This event is not to be missed!"

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Creators who attend LoyalFans’ Master Class courses will learn how to leverage the platform effectively and creatively, while also receiving coaching from creators and business leaders in today’s adult industry. These classes mark another full cycle of Master Class offerings from Larkin Love x LoyalFans. Additional past Master Class series leaders include Lexi Luna, Lily Lou and Amouranth. 

LoyalFans’ Live Master Class events are for LoyalFans creators only. 

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