Kristel Penn In Dave Naz's 'Identity: In & Beyond the Binary'

LOS ANGELES—Grooby’s award-winning marketer and LGBTQ advocate Kristel Penn is featured in photographer Dave Naz’s upcoming book, Identity: In & Beyond the Binary.

The book is now available for purchase at and

“This is my second time working with Dave. In his first book, Genderqueer and Other Gender Identities, he took some really beautiful photos of me,” said Kristel Penn. “I’m not a performer or celebrity, so that was the first time anyone professionally photographed me. It was empowering and validating, especially as someone who spent most of their life being harassed for my appearance and gender expression. For his new book, Identity, Dave took another great set of photos and also generously allowed me to contribute a personal essay. It was a once in a lifetime experience for me.”

In addition to the black and white photos of Penn shot locally by Naz, she has an essay titled “Nameless” included, which candidly discusses her experience being bullied as a closeted teenager in Hawaii.  

“Kristel's personal story about her identity, labels and her experience growing up is an important one,” stated Dave Naz. “She writes about the power of telling a story and the difference it can make. I'm happy she shared hers in this book.

“I participated in Dan Savage’s book, It Gets Better, years ago and although I was very grateful for the opportunity back then, I felt it represented a very specific time in my life that I no longer I identify with,” added Penn. “Dave’s new book is the perfect summation of my intersectionality, and I hope readers will also identify with my journey.”

Identity: In & Beyond the Binary was first created as Dave Naz’s community zine, Identity. Naz spent eight years photographing transgender, genderqueer, gender variant, and queer community as a way to share their lives and stories with the world. Visit for more information and to purchase his latest books.

Kristel Penn is Grooby’s longtime marketing and editorial director and runs her own marketing and PR company, Ikigai Marketing. Her clients include Aubrey Kate, Siouxsie Q, Emerald Triangle Girls, and Penthouse. She is the current editor of Transformation Magazine and sits on the board of directors for TAIF (Trans Adult Industry Foundation). For more information, visit