Kelsey Kane, Kimora Quin, Angel Wicky Headline at TeamSkeet, MYLF

MIAMITeamSkeet and sister brand MYLF celebrated Mother’s Day with new scenes starring Kelsey Kane, Kimora Quin, Angel Wicky, Tokyo Lynn, and others.

In “Breeding Journal,” newcomer Kane keeps a secret diary of all the wet dreams she has about her boyfriend (Donnie Rock) knocking her up. The breeding fantasies live in Kane’s imagination, unable to tell Rock how she truly feels. However, everything is about to change Rock finds Kane’s diary and reads through it. To watch the scene, click here.

Ally Summers is next in TeamSkeet Labs’ “Concept: Double Creampie,” where she isn’t satisfied with just one creampie. When David Lee and Joshua Lewis come over, they think they will chill and watch some movies with the lithesome brunette. To watch, click here.

Other TeamSkeet scenes include:

• “All You Need on MILF's Day,” from Family Strokes celebrates Mother’s Day with Athena Fleurs who loves spending time with her step-parents (Alexis Malone and Will Pounder). While Fleurs works hard tending household chores, Pounder forgets about Mother’s Day. To make up for it, Pounder preps Malone’s room with decorations and even offers to give stepmom a relaxing massage when things take a sexy turn. 
• “Unteachable,” from new Exxxtra Small, stars Selina Imai as a naughty student who loves getting in trouble, but this time, her poor academic performance plus her desire to be chased around the house will serve as an excuse to seduce Will, her hunky tutor.
• “From One Pussy to Another,” from Dyked, features Kimora Quin who still visits her best friend’s mom (Angelina Moon) even after her friend moves away to Europe. Quin likes to visit Moon as an excuse to get closer to her, but Moon doesn’t think too deeply about it. The truth is, Quin has a crush on Moon and is now bent on seducing her.
• “Now That’s How You Show Appreciation,” from My Babysitters Club, stars Dre Delevingne who has a sexy way to thank her boss (GI Joey) for everything he does. Once she is alone with him, Delevingne shows Joey how much she appreciates him. Joey is taken by surprise. He knows he shouldn’t be fooling around with the family babysitter, but the sexy ingénue’s hot body is too much to ignore.

New MYLF scenes are:

• “Have Some Pussy While You Wait,” from Mommy’s Little Man, stars Angel Wicky in a scene that explores the power dynamics between tall older women and shorter younger men. The action opens with Wicky who gets caught masturbating by her son's friend, Nikki Nuttz. The lustful MILF goes on to seduce the younger man to their mutual satisfaction.
• “Work-Life-Sex Balance,” from Tiger Moms, features Tokyo Lynn who is always away on business and never home. She’s grown distant from her stepson (Rion King) and wants to reconnect, but he doesn’t care. Lynn forgets King's birthday and, on top of that, his girlfriend dumped him last week. What he truly wants is for someone to comfort him and the buxom MILF soon charms her way into his pants.
• “No One Like North,” from Mylf After Dark, stars Julia North who meets up with a lucky stud (Michael McFly) who has the pleasure of spending the entire night with the sexy Ukrainian MILF.
• “The Freer, the Better,” from Ask Your Mother, features Justine Jakobs who lets her step-niece (Krissy Knight) stay over at her house after she complains about the overbearing rules her parents are imposing. Jakobs gladly lets her stay with them, but she warns her that she and her stepson (Alex II) are living the free-use lifestyle. Luckily, Krissy is unfazed and later shares the shower and the bed with her step-cousin and step-aunt. 
• “The Panty Problem,” from PervMom, features Chloe Amour whose stepson (Joshua Lewis) is obsessed with her panties. He’s constantly going through her dirty laundry and spying on her when she’s about to shower. However, Amour understands it’s a usual phase for boys his age. Yet, as time goes by, he’s still stealing her panties. So on Mother’s Day, Amour wants to have a special celebration, but now she realizes she has to deal with this in the only way her lustful mind can.

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Pictured: Kelsey Kane.