Kay Brandt Takes Viewers Behind Reality With 'Naked'

Ever wondered what really goes on behind the scenes of an extreme reality show? Just as a new season of reality TV begins,” Kay Brandt’s Naked explores what could happen if the sexual chemistry between partners in a reality survival show continues into their real real life after the cameras stop rolling.

Based on her erotic new book now available on Amazon, Adam & Eve Pictures Director Kay Brandt envisions Naked as the story-behind-the-story of what viewers get to see.

"I'm a fan of reality shows that remind me of how strong and resilient humans are,” said Brandt. “It's the fish-out-of-water aspect that catches my attention. We're not supposed to be where the willing participants go, and yet, there they are, eating bugs and dirty water just to survive because that's what they're into. And, somehow these shows inspired me to write a romance story, which reveals where my mind goes while watching."

With an opening set in Madagascar, Naked stars adult film favorites Britney Amber and Derrick Pierce as Jackson and Cadence, two competitive survivalists on an extreme survival reality show. They quickly develop an intense sexual chemistry despite the cold, hunger and harsh environment they encounter, but once their shoot is over, and they return to the real world, and their respective partners, neither can shake the bond they created.

To learn more about Naked the book, visit Amazon.com here, and to find out more about the movie, visit adamandeve.com and go here.

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