Peeped-On Trysts Abound in Joybear's ‘Secret Sex Society’

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Julia Roca snags the cover of Joybear Pictures' new release, Secret Sex Society, which arrives in stores and online this week. As the feature opens, a mysterious invitation arrives, beckoning Carrie (Roca) to join a secret sex society, and viewers join the young brunette as she explores the building and its inhabitants, in the UK studio’s newest glamcore DVD release.

“Joybear releases are always beautifully shot in gorgeous locations, using captivating European performers; this release is intense, visually stunning, and very, very sexy,” assured Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C.

“We wanted to create a BDSM movie for beginners, and that’s exactly what we did,” explained Joybear Pictures founder and CEO Justin Santos. “We also discarded the traditional monochromatic color scheme of many BDSM films, and gave our production a colorful twist.

Secret Sex Society features a stand-out performance from Sylvan and Julia de Lucia,” continued Santos. “Other key elements we embraced were massage, voyeurism, and ASMR. If you want to dabble in the world of BDSM, this movie is for you!”

“Skin tingling and heart racing, Carrie watches intimate fetishes played out before her, in a whirlwind of leather, kink, and color… until finally, it’s her turn,” reads the tagline for Secret Sex Society.

The film opens with Carrie (Julia Roca) entering the Secret Sex Society for the first time. Spying through a grate in the wall, she sees a mysterious couple (Cintia Shapiro and Bel Gris) kissing. As if they’d been waiting for her, they motion to a stack of notecards behind her; the newly-initiated voyeur uses them to instruct the couple as they perform a private show to her explicit commands. Then, Carrie runs into her ex, Ben (Sylvan)—perhaps the one who sent the invitation—who leads her to a secret room full of kinky accessories just begging to be used. As she allows herself to be collared, Ben drips hot candle wax on her hot body. Once her senses are heightened, Carrie moans in ecstasy as her former lover completely dominates her in a vibrant, colorful exploration of kink. The following morning, still reeling from her night of pleasure, Carrie awakens to find a tablet under her pillow. On it, she discovers a video of a muscular pair of thieves in neon balaclavas (Julia de Lucia and Bishop Black) having hard, fast sex in every room of a luxury home they’ve just burgled—but in every scene, they look straight through the lens at Carrie. At the end of the video, Rey, the female half of the pair of sexy bandits, invites Carrie to meet her for poolside sex in a hammock, as the newest member of the Secret Sex Society goes from being a voyeur to becoming an exhibitionist as they put on a scintillating show for tenants of the glass buildings nearby. In the final scene, Ben is seen initiating another new member (Sicilia) in an intense, slippery massage scene, full of power play and hot, slow-motion action, as yet another day at the Secret Sex Society comes to a close... but never the end.

Secret Sex Society stars Julia Roca, Bel Gris, Julia De Lucia, Sylvan, Cintia Shapiro, Bishop Black, and Sicilia. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

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