Joybear Releases ‘Fuck Me On The Desk’ Today

LOS ANGELES — Joybear Pictures releases Fuck Me On The Desk today, from its ‘Joy Collection’ imprint. Celebrating 15 years of filmmaking, the imprint presents curated moments from the UK studio’s award-winning catalogue. In this newest release, gorgeous performers mingle in clandestine office rendezvous in beautifully-shot glamcore scenes.

“Joybear releases are absolutely top-notch, and the studio already enjoys a healthy fanbase in Europe,” says Pulse VP of Sales Hyland C. “The studio’s films are sexy, fun, and beautifully shot, with excellent talent. It’s our pleasure to make Joybear’s films available here in North America.”

Fuck Me On The Desk starts with a professor [Ian Tate] too busy to notice his horny assistant [Samantha Bentley] until she finally gets his attention and his erection. Then, Casey Collins [Carla Mai] is the ultimate professional matchmaker, always putting her clients first, until she meets her own perfect match [Peter Oh Tool]. In the third scene, rookie lawyer Leyla [Amber Nevada] organizes a teambuilding weekend, and as trust is gained amongst her and her firm of London lawyers, intimacy is also earned, and sparks start to fly with one particular legal eagle [Amarna Miller]. In the fourth scene, the Riot Girls are an all-girl rock band whose members vow to never let anyone break them up, until they encounter a superstar guitarist [Luke Hotrod]. Manager Leonie [Ava Dalush] has to see if she can manage him, in more ways than one. In the final scene, Delilah [Victoria Summers] is the country’s naughtiest advice columnist, who seems to be able to solve everyone’s intimate dilemmas but her own, until she meets her very own perfect solution [Ryan Ryder].

“When there’s no bed, sometimes a desk will do nicely,” says Joybear Pictures Founder and CEO Justin Santos.

Fuck Me On The Desk stars Samantha Bentley, Carla Mai, Amber Nevada, Ava Dalush, Victoria Summers, and Amarna Miller, opposite male costars Ian Tate, Peter Oh Tool, Luke Hotrod, and Ryan Ryder. To view the box cover, synopsis, and cast list, click here.

Retailers interested in stocking Fuck Me On The Desk can contact Hyland C. at [email protected] and 818-435-1615, or their IVD Sales Representative.