Jonelle Brooks Featured in New Trans Documentary


DAYTONA, Fla.—Long-legged and curvaceous Southern t-Belle Jonelle Brooks can currently be seen in celebrated photographer and videographer Dave Naz’s new documentary, Identity: In & Beyond the Binary. The documentary explores the lives of trans, genderqueer, butch, and queer people from the mainstream and adult arenas. Also appearing in the film are Buck Angel, Tristan Taormino, James Darling, Jiz Lee, Courtney Trouble and many more.

In the film, people get to see a different side of Jonelle. She gets very personal and discusses her experiences with gender identity, transitioning and terminology/labels.

“I’m honored to be part of such an amazing project,” she said. “The film will really give people insight on what it’s like for transgender people to live in the real world. With Caitlyn Jenner recently transitioning, there’s a lot of interest in trans people, and this documentary will help educate them.”

The full documentary can be viewed here. Each week, Naz will post more clips that didn’t make it into the final cut of the movie. There will also be a forthcoming book.

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