Brittney Kade Performs First Gangbang in Jim Powers Scene

LOS ANGELES—Brittney Kade performs her first gangbang scene in “Bachelor Party Surprise - A Jim Powers Spotlight,” the newest episode from Adult Time Series Accidental Gangbang.

In the scene, the trans starlet is joined by Roman Todd, Wolf Hudson, Michael DelRay, Jay Tee, Steve Rickz, and Sage Roux in a comedy directed by Jim Powers.

“This gangbang was the most anticipated scene in my entire porn career!” Kade said. “I’ve never been more thrilled with the outcome of any other scene! Hands down the absolutely sexiest and hottest movie I’ve ever done!”

The action opens with Todd, who arrives at a bachelor party psyched to celebrate with the boys (Wolf Hudson, Michael DelRay, Jay Tee, Steve Rickz, and Sage Roux) and enjoy a sexy stripper. But when Kade arrives, his mood quickly changes. He's been with Kade before and doesn't think the guys will be into her. Kade assures Roman she'll give them all a night to remember. She starts stripping, and the guys discover she has a penis but later, they go one on one with her until she decides on a gangbang.

To watch the scene, click here.

“Brittney is one of my favorite girls to work with, so when she mentioned to me she wanted to get gang banged I had to make it happen somehow,” Powers said. “Brittney showed up ready to put on a show and really went out of her way to fuck the hell out of all the guys.”

Kade agreed, "I'm so excited that my first gangbang is finally out, and I got to do this special project with Jim. It was an amazing day, incredible from start to finish, and one of the most memorable scenes of my career. I can't wait for my fans to see me with six huge cocks and six loads at once."

Roman echoed the starlet, “I had a blast filming for Brittney Kade’s first gangbang ever, and all I can say is this girl can take some Dick! It was so hot fucking her with so many amazing performers and friends!”

Steve Rickz said, “I had a great experience on set during Brittney’s gangbang! It was really fun, and we thoroughly went over everyone’s boundaries. I hope it wins 'Scene of the Year'!”

Michael Del Ray exclaimed, “Fucking A—that bitch rocks. I plumbed her ass like she stole something. I was balls up and way up in that—feel me!”

Jay Tee recalled, “I asked Brittney what the chances of her inviting me to a gangbang. I asked her, ‘Like 1 in 10? 1 in 100?’ She replied, ’More like one in a million,' to which I replied, ’So you’re telling me there’s a chance…' One week later, here I am having my dream come true to have that one-in-a-million chance gangbang.”

Wolf Hudson expressed his admiration for Kade as well, saying, “Brittney and I fit together like peas and carrots. Only natural to add more carrots to split her pea open. I was stoked to ravage her butthole like she always wanted it, and she definitely took it for all it’s worth, and then some.”

Sage Roux added, “Brittney really is in a league of her own. So kind and professional, especially at handling everyone.”

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