Jewelz Blu Headlines's 'Under The Bed'

LOS ANGELES—Jewelz Blu headlines "Under the Bed," a new scene available now on

Directed by the award-winning filmmaker Ricky Greenwood, Blu plays a woman at a hotel who is awakened by the enigmatic tentacled monster living beneath the bed, in a tale that blends desire and the supernatural.

"My recent performance in Hentaied ‘Under the Bed’ pushed my boundaries as an actor/performer in the best way possible, really teaching me to ‘let go’ of any inhibitions and fully give myself to the scenario," Blu said. " It was truly such an exhilarating and intense experience for a solo performance. I’m so amazed at myself for playing into the part of being terrified under the bed, but also making something so hot that it leaves the viewer turned on and perplexed. Big shoutout to Ricky Greenwood for his amazing directing and the crew for being part of bringing this to life!"

To watch the scene, click here.

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