Jenevieve Hexxx Performing at 2018 NightMoves Awards

LOS ANGELES—Jenevieve Hexxx is nominated for Best Adult Star Feature Dancer at the 2018 NightMoves Awards and attendees are going to have the opportunity to see exactly why she received that nom.

Jenevieve will perform at the show, a rare opportunity to show off her massive talent in front of an audience of industry peers and adult club professionals.

“It will be a titillating time and I am thrilled to attend all the parties and share a wickedly wonderful time with you all!” Jenevieve said. “I am planning a wild wondrous witchy stage act for you all to be bewitched and drunk with lust by—and perhaps arousingly slightly frightened! Haha. “

Jenevieve is also nominated for Best Ink at the NightMoves Awards. Further supporting evidence that she is one of the world’s finest stage acts, she is also nominated for Favorite Fetish Live Stage Performer at the 2018 Fetish Awards.

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