Jenevieve Hexxx Scores Three Nominations at 2018 NightMoves Award

LOS ANGELES — Jenevieve Hexxx has a pair of nominations from the 2018 NightMoves Awards, as well as another nomination for Inked 4 (Axel Braun Productions), which she starred in.

Hexxx is nommed for Best Adult Star Feature Dancer and Best Ink, while Inked 4 got a nod for Best All Sex/Gonzo Release.

The NightMoves Awards will be held October 7 in Tampa, FL, at the Tampa Gold Club during an event-packed NightMoves weekend.

“I love NightMoves and I love to move my body at night, so this feature dancer award is so serendipitous,” Hexxx said. “I’m so grateful to get to perform and be a host at this erotic extravaganza, as well. Yay for Axel and his Inked vision, too! I’ll dance a jig of gratitude in my dark witchy performance on stage for everyone. See you there! Love you all!"

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The NightMoves Awards will be held at the Tampa Gold Club, 6222 E Adamo Dr., Tampa, FL 33619. For more information click here.