In SimLeaf Interview, Vicki Chase Admits She Loves Her Chronic

LOS ANGELES—All-natural Latina Vicki Chase loves her medicinal pot so much that she's featured on, a medical marijuana grow website, in an exclusive interview titled “Porn Star Vicki Chase’s Steamy Relationship with Cannabis.”

 “Sex is the best with weed. It’s all a state of mind; you have to be happy and in the mood when you want to have sex. When you smoke pot, it heightens everything, and if you’re in a relaxed state of mind, you’re open to it,” said Vicki. “I definitely loved to be kissed when I’m high. I can focus on my pleasure; my mind is clear to have intense orgasms and give as much pleasure back.”

The entire interview can be read here.

SimLeaf is an advanced 3D “medicinal plant” grow simulator wrapped in a fun, 3D game-like environment. Developed by real growers using accurately modeled data, each plant is completely unique and the outcomes are directly related to the care the plant receives by the "player." Like a Virtual Pet, a person's plant will remind them to take care of it daily.

But SimLeaf is much more than a game; it's a sophisticated learning platform that navigates through the complexity of the cannabis growing process with elegance and simplicity. Using this unique app, people can experience the art of growing in a realistic way without a large investment in equipment or classes, and can use it to learn the basics for new career opportunities.

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