Haley Spades Comes to Europe for Cum Snorting Foursome in Immoral

BUDAPEST, Hungary—Haley Spades makes her Immoral Productions debut in a new four-way available now at ImmoralLive.com.

Spades takes on Brad Knight, Matt Bird, and Dean Van Damme in the scene that begins when she meets fellow American Knight at a pirate-themed restaurant in Budapest. She tells him she wants to make her trip to Hungary one she will never forget and asks if he can assist her. Spades proceeds to explain she wants three men to ravish her and then ejaculate on a plate which she plans to snort up her nose. The guys agree and proceed to pound her and release on the plate.

To watch the scene, visit ImmoralLive.com.

"I want to thank Haley Spades for a five-star performance," said site owner Porno Dan. "I have directed well over 5,000 scenes in my porn career, and this was one of the highest energy and enthusiastic performances I have ever seen. My Snort That Cum DVD series received multiple AVN Award nominations, but none of the scenes in it were this outrageous. Haley and the guys deserve an award for it."

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Pictured: Haley Spades and Brad Knight.