Kristel Penn On ‘Breaking Bread with Brilliant Babes’ Podcast

LOS ANGELES—Award-winning marketer Kristel Penn was invited to be a guest for the most recent episode of the Breaking Bread with Brilliant Babes podcast, where she discusses her journey in the adult industry and her work with leading trans adult company Grooby. The episode is now available to listen via iTunes or Soundcloud.

Kristel Penn is Grooby’s longtime Marketing and Editorial Director and runs her own boutique marketing and PR firm, Ikigai Marketing. She is the current editor of Transformation magazine and is on the Board of Directors for TAIF (Trans Adult Industry Foundation).

“It was such an honor to be considered a ‘brilliant babe’ and talk about my journey in the adult industry,” said Kristel. “The podcast features people from all walks of life, and the host, Tatiana, was so easy to talk to. In my lifetime, I’ve received a wide array of responses when I tell people I work in the adult industry. Tatiana welcomed me with open arms and I’m grateful for the platform she allowed me to have to discuss issues that are important to me, like destigmatizing the adult industry and porn consumption as a whole.”

In episode 019 of Breaking Bread with Brilliant Babes, Penn discusses her humble beginnings, first working in the adult industry for over ten years ago, as well as tales from the frontlines as Grooby’s longtime Marketing and Editorial Director, and chatting about award-winning series Real Fucking Girls directed by Mona Wales. For more information, visit or follow them on Twitter at @BrillBabesPod.