Artist George Pérez To Screen New Film At Fetish Con

ST. PETERSBURG, FL—The organizers of Fetish Con have announced the return of Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame recipient George Pérez to its show. Sponsored by Clips4Sale, Fetish Con is the largest networking event for the fetish industry and community on the East Coast. It will take place August 9–12 in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Internationally renowned comic book creator George Pérez’s work is just about everywhere these days. In addition to co-creating the popular New Teen Titans, Pérez also had historic and defining runs on Justice League of America, The Avengers (including The Infinity Gauntlet storyline) and most notably, Wonder Woman, George’s re-imagining of the Amazing Amazon brought the character back to prominence after years of stagnation; it is his specific interpretation which has been cited as a major influence for the blockbuster film’s success.

While Pérez has been a fetish fan for as long as he could remember, with a particular penchant for catfighting and bondage that sometimes filtered into his comic book art, it wasn’t until 20 years ago that he actually dipped his toes into the public fetish waters when he commissioned a superheroine catfight video through the California-based Double Trouble Wrestling, which specialized in many forms of female combat, often with an erotic twinge. At first, Pérez merely wrote the stories, but eventually ended up writing, directing, editing, and even performing in the series that would soon have the umbrella title, The Sisterhood of Superheroines.

The 2017 Fetish Awards Special Recognition recipient will not only be hosting the 11th annual episode of his epic cosplay-meets-bondage show on the main stage at 1-3 p.m. on Saturday, August 11, but Pérez will be autographing and meeting fans alongside his superheroines at his film's premiere later the same evening. Fetish Con is one of only two shows at which Pérez will be appearing in 2018. For more information, click here.

“It is such an honor to have George returning to Fetish Con,” said event promoter Genesis Lynn. “He’s been coming to the show and meeting his fans for many years, and to have him back for the 11th year is amazing. He's become a true friend of the show and our attendees, and the Super Heroine Showdown, which is George’s creation, is one of the highlights of the weekend. The fans love it.”

As part of the celebration of the 20th anniversary of The Sisterhood of Superheroines, Fetish Con will be holding very a special screening of Pérez’s latest film, Unchained Malady. Starring Stacy Burke, Saharra Huxly, Kymberly Jane, Jewell Marceau, and Angela Sommers, Unchained Malady is a movie-length adventure featuring Sisterhood veteran Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke), trapped in a desperate but futile battle with the vicious Malady (Saharra Huxly), who works for an alien menace called Dark Czar. Daisy Chain’s cousin Prism (Jewell Marceau), Sunburst (Angela Sommers), and Compass (Kymberly Jane) complete the quartet of heroines awakened to find themselves each handcuffed to a ring post in the Arena of Champions, aghast to see their own doppelgängers standing triumphantly and sinisterly in the middle of the Arena as Dark Czar hovers above them. As Dark Czar transports the duplicates out of the Arena, the towering Malady appears, eager to indulge in her favorite pastime: destroying superheroines! Whatever will the superheroines do?

“When George asked us if we would host the screening of his new movie at this year’s Fetish Con, you could have knocked me down with a feather!” said Genesis Lynn. “Our first reaction was, ‘George Pérez, comic book legend, wants to premiere his movie at the show?’ So of course, we instantly said yes, and we got straight to work organizing it.”

Genesis Lynn continued, “You’ll get the full movie experience with complimentary popcorn, sodas, and even a special souvenir keepsake from Pérez, which they can have autographed on the night of the premiere. We're so excited; it's going to be a great night!”

The special screening of The Sisterhood of Superheroines: Unchained Malady will be held Saturday, August 11 from 8-11 p.m., introduced by Pérez and followed by a Q&A with the creator and actresses from the film.